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Founded with one simple goal: spark curiosity and allow learners to learn anything they are curious about in a motivating and cooperative environment.

Ron BerlinskiRon Berlinski
Ron Berlinski - Founder

Our story

Started with a single student who was frustrated with how things were run, and wanted to make a change within his school. By starting Curiosity Club, he was able to inspire and motivate youth, bringing joy to their learning. Today, Curiosity Learning supports like-minded young change-makers in setting up and running Curiosity Club within their own schools.

What we value

Upheld at every Curiosity Club to let youth flourish


Guiding learners to help them develop their curiosity and achieve their goals.


Exposing learners to new ideas and experiences to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge.


Encouraging learners to work collaboratively and learn from one another to achieve a shared goal.

What is curiosity?

To us, curiosity is having an intrinsic motivation to learn. We hope that the youth grow into adults who aren’t afraid to say “I don’t know”, who seek out answers to their questions and are always motivated to learn new things. So how do you create a space that nurtures curiosity?


Learn anything...




creating projects you're proud of!

How can you set up a Curiosity Club?

As a student

We're here to support you throughout.
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  6. Start Curiosity Club
Start a Curiosity Club

As a teacher/school

Want to empower your students to start their own Curiosity Club? Let’s talk and see how it can be best integrated into your school environment.

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Quotes from Guides

Guide in Amsterdam

"I’ve started Curiosity Club at my school to create a more comfortable learning environment where students can be themselves and enjoy learning. I felt like I couldn’t be open about the things I wanted to learn and had to stick to a strict curriculum."

Guide in Rotterdam

"It's a great opportunity for students to learn more about what they are actually curious about. I want to see how learning can be more interactive and be based on the student's own questions."

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