Curiosity camp:
Create anything.

Embark on a Five Day Experience in August 2024: Curiosity Camp Invites Teens 11-15 to Learn and Create Together. From Cooking to Film to 3D Printing – the Choice is Yours.
Kid fixing 3d printed modelCuriosity Camp 2023Curiosity Camp 2023Curiosity Camp 2023

What makes us special

Our secret sauce to bring the fun back into learning and creating.


We don't teach, we guide. Guiding learners by asking questions, leveling with them, developing their curiosity and supporting in where they want to go.


As fun as it is to dive into rabbit holes. Seeing what's out there is extremely important. We expose learners to new ideas and experiences, showing things they can get curious about.


A huge part is learning with and from one another. The only way that works is if we feel like a team. Encouraging learners to learn collaboratively and achieve a shared goal.

Project Spotlight

Highlights from previous years
Infographic about Neurons in the Brain

Infographic about neurons in the brain

A learner did tons of research into neurons and how they communicate, then made it into a hand-drawn infographic. He loves drawing, so he found this great way to combine two interests.

Stop motion animation

Two learners made a stop motion video with Legos. It was absolutely mind blowing to see what can be possible with a bit of time and dedication.

White board video on how trees communicate

Researching the topic tree communication extensively, then taking inspiration from the stop motion animation that Daksh and Lucas made, and creating his very own whiteboard animation! Love it!

Meet the Guides

Our experienced Curiosity Club Guides come from all over the Netherlands
Curiosity Club Guides


Register to the Curiosity Camp
Have more questions? That's what we like to hear! Shoot us a message at or send a WhatsApp to +31635315609


Drop off: 10:00 Monday 12th August 2024
Pick up: 17:00 Friday 16th August 2024

If you would only like to register for half of the camp (mon-wed, or wed-fri), please let us know in the extra comments below. There are reduced costs. Thanks!

Who for?

For youth aged 11-15 who enjoy learning about topics which interest them, and creating. Can be from guitar, films, photos, cooking, or anything in between. We provide the collaborative a supportive space and guidance for this learning to take place.

What makes this special?

We restrict our camp 20 Learners, with 10 Guides. These Guides are youth from across the Netherlands specialised on bringing out the most of a person without forcing anything. During the camp, Learners will create 2 projects, and another 2 mini-projects.  They are free to choose from anything they want to create, and they receive the support, resources, and space for that to happen.

Our organisational goal is to bring the passion into learning and nurture the curiosity we are all born with. See more info on the About, or Ron's TEDx Talk.

typical Curiosity Camp day?

Everything in the camp is open for learners to choose from. We have many activities throughout the day in order to give guidance, exposure, and teamwork. As well as time to work on projects. Learners can always opt-in or opt-out.

Full schedule revealed soon. Register interest to stay up to date.


The Netherlands! Specific accommodation for the 2024 Curiosity Camp will be revealed soon. Register interest to stay up to date.


Early bird pricing (until March 1st):

Regular Pricing (until August 1st)

If you require subsidy, please add this in the extra comments below and will get in touch with the following steps.

What to bring?

1. Clothes for 5 days
2. Pyjamas
3. Towel
4. Shampoo + Shower Gel
5. Toothbrush + Toothpaste
6. Sunglasses
7. Hat
8. Comfortable Shoes
9. Water bottle
10. Snacks
11. Flashlight
12. Games
13. Phone (dedicated times to call home)
14. Chargers
15. Camera (if desired)
16. Personal Medications (if applicable)
17. Rain Jacket or Poncho (you never know)
18. Plastic Bag for Wet or Dirty Clothes
19. Bedding
20. Backpack or Daypack
21. Entertainment (book, magazine, etc.)
22. Laptop
23. Positive Attitude and Curiosity!

Early Bird




Early Bird

Learn, collaborate, create

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5 days full of learning about anything that makes you curious, through creating projects together. From film, to cooking. If you can name it, you can learn it.
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